while i am often told i have a serious face, i am always smiling on the inside!

Hello! i am madeleine budnick.

I go by Mad, Maddie, Madeleine (mad-a-lynn) and, to some, just plain Budnick. I am an illustrator, artist, and designer (and sometimes writer) with an art history and drawing degree, and a publishing background. Creating illustrations and art give me the utmost satisfaction and joy, and I am so excited to show you my work here!

As a graphic designer and art director, I've worked for a range of great clients including HarperOne, Trinity University Press, Chronicle Books gift, children's and custom publishing divisions, Houghton Mifflin, and Leapfrog. Now I want to be the one providing the amazing art!

I work traditionally and digitally. Favorite mediums include gouache, pen and ink, Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), and my new friend, the paper app. I love hand-lettering, generating and working with fresh color palettes, and playing at times with the edge between pretty and ugly or scary.

dream projects

I see my work on rugs! Wallpaper! Children's decor, toys, games, bedding, home decor and more! I'd love drawing typefaces and want to make fonts. I am always writing and designing a cynical t-shirt line in my mind! A big dream is to create editorial spots for that big newspaper in NYC! I also have a stockpile of children's book manuscripts in a cabinet here in the studio. Now that my creative kids are almost fledged, there is nothing holding me back.

i could go on and on...

... and I will. Some inanimate things I love are: unimproved roads, vintage everything, printed ephemera, Montana skies, needle felting, tiny houses, Outsider art, Marimekko prints, and kick-a** music.

Some things I've done are: painted a trailer to look just like a log cabin, rafted through the Grand Canyon, owned a 1962 Plymouth Valiant nicknamed "Creampuff," and most recently, sung "I'm Not Lisa" at a karaoke bar. That last one was probably TMI!  

i like to make things by hand!

from left to right - needle-felted characters - lulu, justine (besties) and pierre (a later version shows him with a baguette under his arm); knit from a kit monster named iris (custom tail added); block printing on linen (jennifer hewitt workshop!); log cabin knit quilt (with vintage and new yarn), and an alpaca polka-dotted blanket i made for my youngest (both blankets were inspired by mason/dixon knitting books). Intarsia! And knit in the round! Never again! Well...



510 . 409 . 0469

based in Portland, OR


 the grand canyon's majesty is virtually unsurpassed. this was my best photo!

the grand canyon's majesty is virtually unsurpassed. this was my best photo!