Hello! I am an illustrator, designer, artist (and sometimes writer) with an art history education and a publishing background.

I work traditionally and digitally. Favorite mediums include gouache, pen and ink, Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), and my new friend, the paper app.

Some inanimate things I love are: unique palettes, unimproved roads, vintage everything, printed ephemera, tiny houses, Outsider art, Marimekko prints, and kick-a** music.

Some things I've done are: painted a trailer to look just like a log cabin, rafted through the Grand Canyon, owned a 1962 Plymouth Valiant nicknamed "Creampuff," and most recently, sung "I'm Not Lisa" at a karaoke bar. That last one was probably TMI! 





510 . 409 . 0469

based in Portland, OR